Aperol Spritz Delivery


Prosecco, Aperol and a Splash of Soda Water


Minimum order of £30 for delivery. Currently offering delivery for Nottinghamshire only.

Your drink will arrive in a ready-to-drink plastic dome cup* with everything you need to enjoy your favourite cocktail, right from the comfort of your own home. We  provide your delicious cocktail, garnished and chilled as well as providing you with essentials such as straws and ice. If you choose a cocktail which requires a good-ol’ shake, we even provide you with a reusable pouch for shaking to ensure you get the best tasting experience. If that’s not enough, speak to our team about how we can even provide you with cocktail glasses and cocktail shakers to make it even more interesting!

*Our plastic cups are completely non-toxic and made from durable material ensuring you can use these again, or choose to safely recycle. Our straws are made from paper or bamboo.