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Cash Bar Menu – Soft Drinks

no alcohol

Softs & Children's Mocktails

£3.00 each

Soft Drink Selection

Lemonade, Diet Lemonade, Coke, Diet Coke, Fanta, Old Jamaica Ginger Beer, Spring Water, Fruit Juice, Fresh Juices, infused water


Pear and Rosemary Punch, Iced Tea with Fresh Lemon Punch, Lemonade and Mint Punch, Cranberry Apple Cider Punch, Watermelon and Strawberry Punch, Cucumber and Apple Punch


Cranberry and Apple, Cucumber and Mint, Orange and Apple, Strawberry and Raspberry, Lemon and Orange


Strawberry Split Smoothie, Passionfruit Smoothie, Strawberry and Banana Smoothie, Pineapple and Apple Smoothie, Pineapple Mango Passion Fruit Smoothie, Blackberry Smoothie, Mango Smoothie, Coconut Lime Pineapple Mint Smoothie, Banana & Flax Seed Strawberry Split Smoothie, Banana Split Smoothie, Kiwi Smoothie

Little Footprints Mocktails

All funds go directly to the charity Little Footprints UK

Mizzy Mango

Mango, Tropical Juices, Cranberry

Luca Lemon Dash

Lemon Dash, Sugar, Lemonade and Sherbet

Coco Nutty

Coconut Puree, Tropical Juices, Orange and Coconut Sprinkles

Lola Lollypop

Raspberry Puree, Lemonade, Cranberry Juice and a Lolly Pop

Charlie Cherrychops

Cherry puree, Strawberry puree, Cranberry and Orange

Allie Awesome

Cherry puree, Strawberry puree, Cranberry and Orange


Laurent Fine dining,
107 Duncan Avenue, New York
Open: 09:00 am – 01:00 pm